Company Profile

Eggleston Steel Ltd (formally Eggleston Bros. Ltd.) is one of the oldest companies in Derby, dating back to 1809.

The company started life as part of Joseph E. Hunt’s Ironmongers, purchased by Mathias Eggleston for sons, Walter and George. The brothers worked together in the Iron Bar Warehouse until 1914, after which Walter continued on his own, taking over John Beatson & Son, Railway Engineers. In 1932, the two businesses were amalgamated to form Eggleston Bros. & Beatson, concentrating wholly on iron and steel trading. As demands changed, the main stock of wrought iron gave way to black and bright mild and alloy steels, which were required by the majority of customers. During both World Wars many businesses suffered but Eggleston was provided with enough work to survive. Business improved further after the Second World War when a raft of confusing legislation led to a growth of the market share for stockholders. Walter Eggleston died in 1950 and the business passed to his nephew Joseph Eggleston Burrows. Known as Seph, he was the last person in the business to bear the name Eggleston. Larger premises were required the company moved to Stuart Street in 1964 and changed its name to Eggleston Bros. Ltd. Seph died in 1977 and another family member, Tony Hewitt, took over. In the intervening years, despite a steel strike and two trade recessions, the company continued to expand to meet demand. In the mid-90’s Eggleston Bros implemented a quality assurance system gaining a UKAS accredited BS5750 certification in 1996. The company has maintained continuous certification to this day, currently as ISO9001. Tony Hewitt retired in 2000 and his son Richard became MD. By the millennium, the company had outgrown the Stuart Street site and relocated in 2003 the larger premises in Alfreton Road increasing its stock range to meet the demand.